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CHEKO  Manufacturing  Plant,  while  performing  business  activities,  take  the  finite  resources of the natural environment into consideration. We are the first company in_the world, accredited  by  the British company Symphony Environmental in 2009, which produces 100% eco-friendly oxy-biodegradable containers.Thanks to the special addition of the modifying agent d2w®  to polypropylene, our containers decompose into water, carbon dioxide, biomass and trace elements. Such decomposition can take place on a dumpsite within a few years, as opposed to standard polyprolene containers, while being completely safe to the environment. In the process of our container decomposition no harmful methane is produced (even in anaerobic conditions) which is a_usual byproduct in case of polypropylene or standard biodegradable container decomposition.

What is more, oxy-containers are biodegradable in regardless of the conditions, both_atmospheric and technical without the need to compost them, which is the case for standard biodegradable containers. They can be utilized through burning with energy recovery which is impossible in case of biodegradable containers. Tests commissioned by Symphony Environmental have proven that the d2w® modifying agent is completely safe for the soil. Obtained from byproducts of the crude oil (considered to be waste), they do not affect the environment. We turn old into new. All materials we use in_the_production of oxy-biodegradable and traditional containers are fully recyclable. We have our own recycling departament where we process both remnants from our production process and used containers collected from the market. Thanks to that we_can offer to all producers of paints, varnishes and other chemical substances a broad variety of containers made with the addition of recycled materials possesing technical qualities as good as their counterparts made from new materials.

Our production relies, among others, on Stork Plastics Machinery B.V. injection moulding machines as well as Van den Brink Automation B.V. moulds and robots characterized by_low energy consumption.

CHEKO Manufacturing Plant are also a producer of green energy. The company owns two windfarms of the combined power of 1,5 MW.