Our  containers  comply  with  the  legal  requirements  in  Europe  regarding  hygiene and  safety  proper  for  storing  food,  building  or chemical  products. We  do our best to ensure that our products are free from undesired agents. Since 2004, we implement a managing system compliant with ISO9001:2008 standard concerning plastic processing. Once every few months our production process is verified by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate in  terms of  Good  Manufacturing  Practice (GMP). Our products are regularly tested for the migration of heavy metal elements such as: antimony, arsenic, cadmium, chrome, lead, mercury, selenium, as well as for the migration of_modeling fluid.

CHEKO Manufacturing Plant is a producer of oxy-biodegradable containers with the addition of d2w® modifying agent acredited by Symphony Envioronmental. This_modifying agent is used by the leading plastic products manufacturers in over 50 countries in the world. Plastics with the additive of d2w® have been tested by_the_leading independent laboratories, such as RAPRA Technology. Then comply with the guidelines and requirements of the standards: EN 14045, EN 14046 as well as American standards: ASTM D 5510, ASTM D6954-04, BSi PKW/4 Document 2004/00862.

 Certificate of Health granted by the Polish Institute of Health (PZH)

 Quality management systems PN-EN ISO 9001:2008
 Quality management systems PN-EN ISO 9001:2000
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Acreditation for the oxy-biodegradable technology with the addition of d2w®

Extracted ammonium nitrate – State Mining Authority permit no. GG-117/99

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