Overprinting and labeling Print _CMN_EMAIL_ALT
cheko_Nowe_7.jpg Aesthetic packaging will make your product stand out among the_others. People buy with their eyes. Prints which photographically reproducer the product consolidate customers in their opinion that the_product in question is of highest quality and that they make the right choice. We offer a range of printing methods: In-Mould-Labeling (IML), dry offset and Hot-Digital-Transfer (HDT), as well as stick paper and_plastic labels.


The IML method enables photographic reproduction of the designed label. Decoration of containers at the production level ensures an exemplary color depth and tonal transitions. Before that a printed polypropylene label is pasted directly into the container walls. The IML print is not only remarkably accurate but also very durable. Ideal for large batches of containers.


The DESCO (Decorating Equipment System Corp.) and Kase Equipment machines owned by our company, while printing in 6 colors, ensure precise depiction of less intricate label designs. Classic dry offset print is the ideal solution for large  amounts of_container, as well as when subsequent orders are planned.


HDT digital print is the best choice for a small number of containers, amounting to no_more than a few hundred items. The HDT method provides the containers with_labels printed in 4-color CMYK palette.