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Round containers are the most popular type of containers, appreciated by producers of_liquid and solid products, comprising food, chemical and building industries.

We offer 20 types of containers with their capacity ranging from 0,6 to 20 liters, all_produced using the injection moulding technique. All containers are produced with a_lid and with a stable handle, made either from plastic or metal, which guarantees the_convenience of lifting and transporting heavy products. We offer both transparent and colored pails (in accordance with RAL and Pantone  palettes).
The properties of materials we use ensure high mechanical durability. Our containers, in_return, can be filled with hot or cold contents, as well as are suitable for freezing. In_order to ensure the higher possible promotion of products on a store shelf, we offer lid labeling and printing on the container itself, using the IML or dry offset methods.

Special Use Containers
Heavy Cargo

Specifically for the needs of transporting a very heavy cargo we offer selected 12-liter and  20-liter containers with additional handles facilitating lifting and carrying them at_their full capacity. There is also an option with a metal handle.

Long Transportation
Selected containers with the capacity of 5, 10, 11 and 20 liters are equipped
with_protective flanges, ensuring even higher safety of our customers’ products.

Platinum Bar

Selected containers with the capacity of 10, 11 and 12 liters are suitable for
a_protective foil weld on a wrapping line at our client’s premises.