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Rectangular containers stand out from the “round” competition. They offer a variety of_advantages.

Bigger and More Legible Label
A label printed on a rectangular container utilizes more surface than a label on a round container of corresponding volume. It is also more noticeable and legible on the flat surface of the box. Hence, the product is more quickly identified and found by_customers, even if it is misplaced or placed on a shelf above or below the eye level. Moreover, rectangular containers offer a unique ability for promotional print on both the_narrow and broad sides, making the brand more noticeable on a shelf.

More Effective Palletization and Storing
Four corner of the container allow placement of a higher number of items on a pallet and in a storage room. For the very same reason rectangular containers are more often chosen by consumers—they fit home cupboards better and, as they are more versatile, it is easier to reuse them.

We offer rectangular containers with 1 l., 2 l., 3 l., 5 l. and 10 l. capacities, which allows for packing an entire family of products under the same brand. The containers are_produced with the help of injection moulding. They are all equipped with seals. We_offer both transparent and colored pails (in accordance with RAL and Pantone palettes). The properties of materials we use ensure high mechanical durability.
Our containers, in return, can be filled with hot or cold contents, as well as are suitable for freezing. In order to ensure the higher possible promotion of products on a store shelf, we offer lid labeling and printing on the container itself, using the IML or dry offset methods.

Custom-Made Containers
In case of big orders we can adapt the technical parameters of our containers, such_as_hardness, flexibility and easiness of shutting the lid, all according to client’s expectations.

Rectangular Containers
  • Are elegant and conspicuous on a shop shelf
  • Posses bigger surface for logo placement (more space for a label)
  • Offer an increased promotion of the brand on a shelf (print of the shorter side)
  • Allow for more economic use of the space on a pallet and in a store
  • Are more often chosen by the customers