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cheko_Nowe_3.jpg CHEKO Manufacturing Plant  are the_first in the world  to produce oxy-biodegradable containers with the addition of d2w® modifying agent.

Thanks to the addition of the d2w® modifying agent to polypropylene our containers decompose into water, carbon dioxide, biomass and_trace  elements within just a_few years (as opposed to a few hundred years in case of standard polypropylene). The technology which we use enables us to program the decomposition time.

Technical Parameters

Oxy-biodegradable containers are characterized by technical qualities and durability identical to these of traditional containers. They preserve their sheen and smoothness level. They are also suitable for print. In comparison to other bio-containers, our_containers have a broader use due to their higher durability. In compliance with the_European Directive 02/72/EC, containers produced with the addition of d2w® can be used in direct contact with nutrition.

Conditions of Storage

Oxy-containers require the very same conditions of storage as these made of traditional polypropylene. Used-up containers can be recycled, biodegraded (including composting), or simply left at a dumpsite.

Image Benefits

Oxy-biodegradable  containers  enable  to  create  an  image  of  a  given  brand as one  which is uncompromisingly engaged in the natural environment protection and socially responsible. They  allow  to  reach   the  growing  number  of  consumers  to  whom the natural environment protection is a priority.


The offer of oxy-biodegradable containers encompasses all types of containers produced by our company.